Benefits of Early Detection

Efficient, Fast & Effective Detection System

Enables quick access to the situation and reduce risk of major failure.

Safe & Reliable Operation

Improves utility image & minimize insurance loss exposures. Condition monitoring provides information that implement schedule maintenance / repair on a need basis only.

Minimize Breakdown, Increases Profitability

Increases utility revenue.

Shorter Outages, Increases Productivity

is achieved by predicting a part failure well in advance & minimize damage. Pre-planned maintenance is inherently faster, smoother & cheaper than a crisis situation.

Enhanced Machine Life

through effective condition monitoring. This condition monitoring provides a means to diagnosis the cause of deteriorating condition be it a mechanical failure in a rotor, retaining ring, fan or bearing or an electrical failure from the lack of insulation, protection, ageing, winding stress, surges or short circuiting.

Improve Product Quality, Increases Customer Satisfaction

This translate into reliability, availability and reduced cost to the customer.