About Us

Powergen Efficiency & Condition Monitoring Sdn. Bhd. core business specialize in condition monitoring of Power Generators, to continuously monitor and promptly act to protect the generator with the objective to reduce risk, enhance reliability and efficiency of power generation assets. This risk mitigation effort extends the life of the generator, promotes cost effective maintenance and minimize insurance loss exposures.

Specialised Generator Condition Monitoring Equipment are designed, manufactured, tested and warrantied by Environment One Corporation (E/One) founded in 1969 by ex-GE R&D Engineer.

E/One, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. based in Niskayuna, NY, USA is a world-wide supplier of critical auxiliaries and generator condition monitoring equipment to the power industries. Its products are Third Party certified for hazardous area and pressure equipment eg. ETL, ATEX, IECEX, CSA, PED, CRN, ASME.

Among the major OEMs world-wide that have used E/One condition monitoring are Doosan, GE, Siemens, Alstom, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Dong Fang, Shanghai Electric, Harbin, Mitsubishi-Hitachi, Fuji, Ansaldo etc.

Condition Monitoring Equipment currently offered are:

  • Hydrogen Purity Systems – Generator Gas Analyser (GGA) and Hydrogen Control Cabinets (HCC) and Panels (DHCP) which continuously monitor gaas purity through all phases of generator operation to meet OEM application
  • Generator Condition Monitors (GCM-X) which provides continuous, early warning of overheat and arching. GCM-X provides very early detection and easy interpretation compared to other traditional condition monitoring methods
  • Generator Gas Dryers (GGD) which remove moisture and contamination, optional active dew point control
  • Gas Station integrating technology skids for new plants and upgrade application

Corporate Mission
& Policy

  • Protection and performance optimization of electric utility assets
  • Educate and market EONE product for Insurance company who do Insurance Coverage for Contracted Power Generation Agreements
  • Early protection for generator